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Division Awards in Hong Kong

ATC EventsParticipated in 10 events handled by HK.MODA
Pilot EventsParticipated in 10 events handled by HK.MODA
Great Division UserParticipated in 5 tours created by HK.Form
Division SpiritServed as a HK division staff for 1 year.-
Aviation CelebrationParticipated in the selected celebration event. Apply within 7 days.Form
Division MeetingParticipated in the selected meeting or expo. Apply within 7 days.Form

To apply for other Division Awards, please contact our staff through e-mail. Thank you very much.

Division Awards IVAO Awards

Division Transfer

Division Transfer

According to rule 4.1.6 Upon initial registration, members will be asked to choose a division that they wish to join.
A member may request a division transfer at any time, however all transfers are subject of approval by the members prospective division and the Membership Department.

  • Use only English if unable please contact your division staff.
  • IVAO Members Department will NOT process any transfer with no ID in the subject line.
  • In case you have a pending practical exam, please finish the exam first or request cancellation from your assigned examiner.
  • Only one transfer is allowed in one year (only one transfer request per 12 month period.)

Email Example

Email to: xx[email protected] yy[email protected]

  • Replace XX with the 2-letter code of the target (new) division
  • Replace YY with the 2-letter code of your present division (information only)
CC to: [email protected] (together in the one mail)
Subject: Request Division Transfer ID xxxxxx (Put Your IVAO ID)
Content: ID & Full Name
Reason to Transfer

Division Award Application Form

    Cette question est obligatoire.
    Cette question est obligatoire.
    N'envoyez jamais de mots de passe via Google Forms.
Demande d'accès en écriture

Need help? Contact our division staff include your IVAO ID and a detailed request.

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