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HKG4IFR – Pacific Rim [CLOSING – 2018 APRIL 01]

Pacific Rim consist of 14 Legs of IFR Flight with the total distance of 26,200nm. Pilots will fly their airliner over these legs around the pond of Pacific Ocean, through the cold wilderness of Alaska, to the famous St Maarten Airport in the Caribbeans. You will also visit the Carnivals of Latin America and the paradise of Tahiti before flying back to civilisations of Down-under and the big cities in Asia.

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HKG5IFR – Kangaroo Route [CLOSING – 2018 APRIL 01]

This tour recreates the 50s to 60s era ‘domestic’ route of the British Overseas Airways Corporation from Hong Kong to Auckland in the dominion of New Zealand.
which consists of 7 legs of IFR flights respectively with the total distance of over 14,000 nautical miles. Pilots will fly their aircraft across different places in Europe, Middle East, South Asia, Hong Kong, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


HK15CIFR – Asia 8 Tour 2015 [CLOSED]

On 9 August, 2015 is the 1st anniversary of the IVAO Hong Kong Division Establishment. We are introducing the new Asia 8 IFR Tour to celebrate our first outstanding year in IVAO.

The ASIA 8 TOUR 2015 consist of 14 Legs of IFR Flight with the total distance of 7858 miles. Pilots will fly their airliner over these legs around the Asia.

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HKTW1IFR – Estrella de Formosa [CLOSED]

RCLM (Z28X) Dongsha Island Airport

Estrella de Formosa (Star of Taiwan) consists of 12 Legs of IFR Flight with the total distance of 1251 nm. Pilots will fly their airliner over major airports and Outlying Islands of Taiwan.

The Route is as follows:


HK15AIFR – Far East Challenge 2015 [CLOSED]

The FAR EAST CHALLENGE 2015 consist of 27 Legs of IFR Flight with the total distance of 19859 miles. Pilots will fly their airliner over these legs around the Asia and Oceania.


HK15BVFR – Pearl Delta Air Rally [CLOSED]

This simulates the Breitling Hong Kong-Kwangtung-Macau Air Rally in 2003 with some modification. There were 3 Cessna (172 and 182) and a Robinson 44 Helicopter flying over many cities in Kwangtung Province in 5 days. They took off from Hong Kong International Airport on the 14th December, 2003 and arrive at the last stop in Macau on 18th December, 2003.

The FAR EAST CHALLENGE 2015 consist of 27 Legs of IFR Flight with the total distance of 19859 miles. Pilots will fly their airliner over these legs around the Asia and Oceania.


HK15SIFR – Warmness to Nepal [CLOSED]

This tour serves as a record for the charity flight to Kathmandu, Nepal, in the relief of the earthquake causing so much damage and many casualties in the area. With every flight you report to Kathmandu from Hong Kong through this tour system, different charities, such as MSF and World Vision will receive money from our donors. You will also be recorded on the participant list.

Currently 3 donors have expressed their wish to donate $50 HKD for each flight recorded with the maximum of $2000 HKD per donor.

Wherever you are from, if you wish to donate for the cause, please contact IVAO-HK through [email protected].

Recommended Route:


HKG2IFR – Longest ‘Domestic’ Flight in the World [CLOSED]

This tour recreates the 1951 ‘domestic’ route of the British Overseas Airways Corporation from England to Hong Kong on BA770/ BA772 / BA960.
which consists of 7 legs of IFR flights with the total distance of over 14,000 nautical miles. Pilots will fly their aircraft across different places in Europe, Africa, Middle East, South Asia, to Hong Kong.

London to Hong Kong


HKG3IFR – Round the World from the Orient [CLOSED]

Round the World from the Orient  replicates the route of BOAC BA901 around the world flight on Fridays, which consists of 12 Legs of IFR Flight with the total distance of 18,972 nm. Pilots will fly their airliner over these legs via Thailand, India, Europe, Britain, New York, and Hawaii and Japan. The tour will amaze you – it is possible to travel around the world….yet be home in a week! Or you can discover fascinating, out-of-the-way places in the Orient….linger in the island paradises of the Pacific…return at your leisure. B.O.A.C takes good care of you!


Participants of the Closed Tours

142917Dieter SalzlHK15AIFR
142928Juan Jose Gomez PrietoHK15AIFR
150992Herman JelierHK15AIFR
157982Francis CellierHK15AIFR
170415Henk KruijerHK15AIFR
177891Daniel GoffinHK15AIFR
179288Dick NeufegliseHK15AIFR
179561Petr LokvencHK15AIFR
184511Steen Hu00f8jengaardHK15AIFR
188540Constant de HaasHK15AIFR
191835Chan AlexHK15AIFR
193400Danny VersteegenHK15AIFR
196818Jamal AljufainHK15AIFR
204338Amjed AldoaheeHK15AIFR
215148Jacques le CleuziatHK15AIFR
236819Sergio UrsitaHK15AIFR
237825Jorge Humberto SantosHK15AIFR
257417Carlos Alberto SimaoHK15AIFR
263929John ChuHK15AIFR
271049Fabrizio MinesiHK15AIFR
289260Herman OttevangerHK15AIFR
315098Angel GasconHK15AIFR
315335Rocco GerardiHK15AIFR
322451Carlo FipaldiniHK15AIFR
325714Frans GehlHK15AIFR
332758Paolo OppiciHK15AIFR
351688Tobias WeinrichHK15AIFR
355834Jean Louis FirpoHK15AIFR
357053Mohmmad AlrifaieHK15AIFR
364407Anthony AuHK15AIFR
370700Luigi BrambillaHK15AIFR
385514Janam ParikhHK15AIFR
388672Claudio AndrettaHK15AIFR
394688Jorge Alberto Garcia NavaHK15AIFR
426893Angel Martinez ClausHK15AIFR
443369Erik Geovanni Villanueva GonzalezHK15AIFR
450133Jacklyn WuHK15AIFR
451412Ken LiHK15AIFR
451557Mickey MaHK15AIFR
452465Siu Leung TamHK15AIFR
460989Ka Wai LeeHK15AIFR
467968Digi YuHK15AIFR
471002Kei Yeung Kenneth NgHK15AIFR
471445Kevin ChowHK15AIFR
471885Sergey ShapovalovHK15AIFR
475023Ryan LeeHK15AIFR
476208Anson LinHK15AIFR
480068Albert LauHK15AIFR
487110Ryan WongHK15AIFR
488452Victor ShiuHK15AIFR
490900Agha AgungHK15AIFR
491608Timothy WongHK15AIFR
498523Jay KurupHK15AIFR
526469Syu-Ru ChenHK15AIFR
125820Andres BermejoHK15BVFR
170415Henk KruijerHK15BVFR
173315Salvador de la Rubia PedrazaHK15BVFR
177891Daniel GoffinHK15BVFR
184511Steen Hu00f8jengaardHK15BVFR
188540Constant de HaasHK15BVFR
240123Silvano OrlatiHK15BVFR
260877Floris van der VoornHK15BVFR
273990Riejo ReudinkHK15BVFR
279176Juan Zea FernandezHK15BVFR
299613Carlos Eduardo Garcia VilaHK15BVFR
326655Alberto ThomasHK15BVFR
370342Richard TothHK15BVFR
370980Mario Ruben CampisiHK15BVFR
425172Santiago Espitia RamirezHK15BVFR
437563Guillaume AmoullerHK15BVFR
439897Daniel GarzonHK15BVFR
456639Pierre-Adrien LachaudHK15BVFR
460989Ka Wai LeeHK15BVFR
461574Sastra KuanoonHK15BVFR
462506Bob ChanHK15BVFR
467960Jonathan Abdi MuliaHK15BVFR
467968Digi YuHK15BVFR
471002Kei Yeung Kenneth NgHK15BVFR
471445Kevin ChowHK15BVFR
472804Jean-Marc DuboHK15BVFR
480068Albert LauHK15BVFR
482081Talen HonHK15BVFR
483897Henry ChanHK15BVFR
484381Kelvin ChengHK15BVFR
494586Ka Po YipHK15BVFR
512878Kanin PornsinsirirukHK15BVFR
112575Mihalis KoutroumpezisHK15SIFR
117281Antonios KantasHK15SIFR
136782Gary LawHK15SIFR
275992Victor Atienza SanchezHK15SIFR
278631Sotirios DespotopoulosHK15SIFR
289260Herman OttevangerHK15SIFR
301735Sorin Ovidiu RoibanHK15SIFR
364407Anthony AuHK15SIFR
385514Janam ParikhHK15SIFR
439531Nicola AnandaHK15SIFR
450050Sora ChangHK15SIFR
450133Jacklyn WuHK15SIFR
451105Dennis LamHK15SIFR
451412Ken LiHK15SIFR
451421Andrew MakHK15SIFR
451557Mickey MaHK15SIFR
451732Thomas TseHK15SIFR
453066Chi Ho LauHK15SIFR
453439Anson ChuHK15SIFR
455198Terry TsangHK15SIFR
460989Ka Wai LeeHK15SIFR
471002Kei Yeung Kenneth NgHK15SIFR
471445Kevin ChowHK15SIFR
477542Siegfried SinHK15SIFR
480068Albert LauHK15SIFR
482081Talen HonHK15SIFR
482583Cheng MatthewHK15SIFR
484262Ian Shun Yi LiuHK15SIFR
484381Kelvin ChengHK15SIFR
484922PL ChimHK15SIFR
489783Wil Son NgHK15SIFR
114820Frits NaberHKG2IFR
120284Dalmo BragaHKG2IFR
136782Gary LawHKG2IFR
170415Henk KruijerHKG2IFR
176170Thierry CaesteckerHKG2IFR
177891Daniel GoffinHKG2IFR
179561Petr LokvencHKG2IFR
184511Steen HojengaardHKG2IFR
188540Constant de HaasHKG2IFR
204338Amjed AldoaheeHKG2IFR
215148Jacques le CleuziatHKG2IFR
223201Jonio CostaHKG2IFR
259972Franco BlancatoHKG2IFR
260877Floris van der VoornHKG2IFR
263929John ChuHKG2IFR
269899Juan Torres MartinHKG2IFR
289260Herman OttevangerHKG2IFR
326655Alberto ThomasHKG2IFR
370700Luigi BrambillaHKG2IFR
385514Janam ParikhHKG2IFR
394688Jorge Alberto Garcia NavaHKG2IFR
426893Angel Martinez ClausHKG2IFR
437563Guillaume AmoullerHKG2IFR
460989Ka Wai LeeHKG2IFR
471445Kelvin ChowHKG2IFR
476455Adrian Muu00f1ozHKG2IFR
480068Albert LauHKG2IFR
488452Victor ShiuHKG2IFR
491608Timothy WongHKG2IFR
520508Esmond TamHKG2IFR
170415Henk KruijerHKG3IFR
176170Thierry CaesteckerHKG3IFR
177891Daniel GoffinHKG3IFR
184511Steen HojengaardHKG3IFR
188540Constant de HaasHKG3IFR
215148Jacques le CleuziatHKG3IFR
263929John ChuHKG3IFR
285643Patrick DenizotHKG3IFR
289260Herman OttevangerHKG3IFR
385514Janam ParikhHKG3IFR
426893Angel Martinez ClausHKG3IFR
460989Ka Wai LeeHKG3IFR
471445Kelvin ChowHKG3IFR
480068Albert LauHKG3IFR
488452Victor ShiuHKG3IFR
491608Timothy WongHKG3IFR
142917Dieter SalzlHK15CIFR
165796Victor MarquesHK15CIFR
170415Henk KruijerHK15CIFR
177891Daniel GoffinHK15CIFR
179561Petr LokvencHK15CIFR
188540Constant de HaasHK15CIFR
204338Amjed AldoaheeHK15CIFR
214728Steve MitchellHK15CIFR
215148Jacques le CleuziatHK15CIFR
223201Jonio CostaHK15CIFR
227431Marvin HarmsenHK15CIFR
229856Erick BartkowiakHK15CIFR
240123Silvano OrlatiHK15CIFR
260877Floris van der VoornHK15CIFR
263929John ChuHK15CIFR
269899Juan Torres MartinHK15CIFR
271049Fabrizio MinesiHK15CIFR
288492Jose CarvalhoHK15CIFR
289260Herman OttevangerHK15CIFR
310530Andre KutznerHK15CIFR
321090Sergey KhristoforovHK15CIFR
352370Rene ValderramaHK15CIFR
358786Rudy FossHK15CIFR
364407Anthony AuHK15CIFR
370342Richard TothHK15CIFR
385514Janam ParikhHK15CIFR
394989Fabio ScauriHK15CIFR
426893Angel Martinez ClausHK15CIFR
437563Guillaume AmoullerHK15CIFR
450050Sora ChangHK15CIFR
450133Jacklyn WuHK15CIFR
451557Mickey MaHK15CIFR
462506Bob ChanHK15CIFR
463542claude bouisseHK15CIFR
467968Digi YuHK15CIFR
471002Kei Yeung Kenneth NgHK15CIFR
471445Kelvin ChowHK15CIFR
475023Ryan LeeHK15CIFR
478124Ching Wang NgHK15CIFR
480068Albert LauHK15CIFR
483897Henry ChanHK15CIFR
486329Rudy Ega ArdiantoHK15CIFR
487110Ryan WongHK15CIFR
488452Victor ShiuHK15CIFR
491608Timothy WongHK15CIFR
491975Soupharphorn PhommakhaiHK15CIFR
494586Ka Po YipHK15CIFR
497144Erik TothHK15CIFR
512878Kanin PornsinsirirukHK15CIFR
513211Marco Di CandiaHK15CIFR
516673Marius KokHK15CIFR
520508Esmond TamHK15CIFR
522085Sergei KozhukhovskiyHK15CIFR
526469Syu-Ru ChenHK15CIFR
542166William YauHK15CIFR
543011Adrian ChoyHK15CIFR
554015Jay YangHK15CIFR
116260Alfonso BallesterosHKTW1IFR
165796Victor MarquesHKTW1IFR
173315Salvador de la Rubia PedrazaHKTW1IFR
177891Daniel GoffinHKTW1IFR
184511Steen HojengaardHKTW1IFR
188540Constant de HaasHKTW1IFR
215533Ronald Nou00ebHKTW1IFR
227501Giovanni FraschettiHKTW1IFR
240123Silvano OrlatiHKTW1IFR
247601Delano RoblesHKTW1IFR
260877Floris van der VoornHKTW1IFR
273990Riejo ReudinkHKTW1IFR
288492Jose CarvalhoHKTW1IFR
299613Carlos Eduardo Garcia VilaHKTW1IFR
310530Andre KutznerHKTW1IFR
321090Sergey KhristoforovHKTW1IFR
370342Richard TothHKTW1IFR
370980Mario Ruben CampisiHKTW1IFR
385514Janam ParikhHKTW1IFR
385646Luis Ariel GrajalesHKTW1IFR
426893Angel Martinez ClausHKTW1IFR
437563Guillaume AmoullerHKTW1IFR
439897Daniel GarzonHKTW1IFR
450133Jacklyn WuHKTW1IFR
453386Muhammad DipoHKTW1IFR
456639Pierre-Adrien LachaudHKTW1IFR
460989Ka Wai LeeHKTW1IFR
461574Sastra KuanoonHKTW1IFR
462506Bob ChanHKTW1IFR
467968Digi YuHKTW1IFR
471002Kei Yeung Kenneth NgHKTW1IFR
471445Kevin ChowHKTW1IFR
472804Jean-Marc DuboHKTW1IFR
474721Philippe DujacquierHKTW1IFR
476114Josef RacekHKTW1IFR
481403Hans Christian Rico VelosaHKTW1IFR
484922PL ChimHKTW1IFR
485595Terry TangHKTW1IFR
491608Timothy WongHKTW1IFR
491975Soupharphorn PhommakhaiHKTW1IFR
494586Ka Po YipHKTW1IFR
512878Kanin PornsinsirirukHKTW1IFR
520508Esmond TamHKTW1IFR
522085Sergei KozhukhovskiyHKTW1IFR
522863Yenwei LinHKTW1IFR
526238Hadi AlsadiHKTW1IFR
526469Syu-Ru ChenHKTW1IFR
527600Ka Hei ZhengHKTW1IFR
539298Parth ParthHKTW1IFR
543011Adrian ChoyHKTW1IFR