Important Notes

  • All practical exams are conducted in the Hong Kong FIR.
  • Candidates shall login onto the assigned IVAO Teamspeak 2 Server at least 10 minutes prior the examination.
  • Login Callsign ATC: eg. VHHH_TWR
  • Login Callsign Pilot: eg. EXM5754
  • The examiner will give you a briefing before the exam starts.
  • No show without a proper reason will be result in ZERO grade.
  • IVAO Teamspeak 2 Servers Exam Policy

    ADC Briefing APC Briefing

    ACC Briefing SEC Briefing

    PP Briefing SPP Briefing

    CP Briefing ATP Briefing

    Application Procedure

    1. Pass a Theoretical Exam, through the exam status page.
    2. Request a Practical Exam, through the exam status page.
    3. Book an Examination Slot below, with the Practical Exam Nr.

    Exam Status

    Exam Booking Available Slot

    Leave a comment to book. Example: "Request 2016 March 7, 1400 Z, PP exam nr 369689".
    Please book the exam slot at least 7 days before the exam date.

    The two license shown are the highest possible rating for examination for pilots and ATCs respectively.

    Available: The time slot is available for booking.
    Pending: The exam is reserved by a member, and the exam is currently being handled by the training department.
    Booked: The time slot is booked and confirmed.
    Cancelled: The exam is no longer available due to unavailability of examiners and/or observers.

    The examination will not be confirmed until the confirmation email is sent out to you. Please reply once you have received the confirmation email at your IVAO register email address.
    2018 Aug 181400 ZPP/APCPending
    Last Updated: August 14, 2018 19:03 (460989 Ka Wai Lee)

    7 thoughts on “Exam Booking

    1. 582559 Tsz Kin Lee says:

      Request 2018 AUG 18, 1400 Z, ADC exam nr 324884, request VMMC as 1st choice

      1. 582559 Tsz Kin Lee says:

        VHHH as 2nd choice

    2. 527600 Ka Hei Zheng says:

      Request 2018 JULY 13, 1300 Z, APC exam nr 325049

    3. 582559 Tsz Kin Lee says:

      Request 2018 June 22 1300Z, ADC Exam 324884

      1. 582559 Tsz Kin Lee says:

        Request using VMMC as 1st choice

    4. 562127 CHIH-HAO KE says:

      Correction, Request 2018 June 16 1400Z , ADC exam nr 318823

    5. 460989 Ka Wai Lee says:

      Exam #324884 rejected as per requirement 2.1. Please contact HK-TC for further enquiries.

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